Sunday, March 28, 2010

Main characters of "Devil May Cry" - Dante

I decided to start a tribute on the main characters of the "Devil May Cry" universe. therefore I stand with the main protagonist, Dante.
Dante is a mercenary who specializes in paranormal cases, preferring those that call for demon slaying. He is muscular, has white hair and is usually seen wearing red leather jackets/trench coats. Dante's arsenal usually consists of firearms and melee weapons, including "Ebony and Ivory", twin handguns that never have to be reloaded, as well as a variety of swords such as "Rebellion" and "Force Edge" swords. The guns are hand-made with "For Tony Redgrave, By.45 Art Warks" written on them. He has supernatural powers, as a result of his half-demon heritage. This gives him the ability to enter a temporary transformation called "devil trigger". In this state, Dante possesses more speed, steady health regeneration, and further abilities with his equipped melee weapon. Dante is confident in his encounters with opponents, and frequently taunts boss characters before battling them.
Dante is one of the twin sons of Sparda, a demonic knight who chose to side with humanity and drive back an invasion of the human world by demons 2,000 years ago. After Sparda's death, Dante and his brother Vergil were raised by their human mother, Eva. When Dante and Vergil were still children, the family was attacked by demons, resulting in Eva's death. This event lead to Dante's commitment to hunting demons in pursuit of those that killed his mother.

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