Thursday, January 28, 2010

First snow

I woke up early, due to the examination period. After a quick bath and a review of the most important subjects, I was ready to depart. I wore my casual cloth-made shoes (Black with skulls and roses) and I checked on facebook. A colleague of mine wrote that it's been snowing all night long, and the whole place is white. At first I didn't believe her, but after opening my window... "Oh slag!" I said, and changed my shoes instantly (wore my ski boots).
Now it's already melting down, but I did manage to throw a few balls and irritate the ladies. :P
Gosh, girls go easily mad nowadays, they don't know what "having fun" means.
Anyway, snow is fun, at least if it isn't too much of it, that's what I think. :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bruce Wayne is coming back

January 26, 2010 - Grant Morrison tipped the entire Batman franchise on its head in 2009. As if killing the Caped Crusader wasn't enough, Morrison brought in a new Dynamic Duo, this one markedly different from the status quo. Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne were immediately established as a "reverse" Dynamic Duo, with Grayson playing the role of a brighter, more optimistic leader and Damian being the fiery, skeptical and aggressive sidekick.

Batman and Robin has dominated the charts since its launch as fans have been glued to the eventual fates of these new heroes. But that's nothing compared to Morrison's plans for 2010. Last December, DC announced Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne, a six-issue mini-series poised to bring Bruce back to the modern DC Universe era. We snagged Morrison on the phone to discuss that event as well as his upcoming "Blackest Knight" arc in Batman & Robin. Artist Cameron Stewart is joining the title for a three-issue arc, the first chapter of which hits stores tomorrow.

I am thrilled to read  such incredible news! Because Dick Grayson, although he did the job kinda well, is not "Batman". The cape and cowl is not made just for everyone.

Final Fantasy XIII draws near

On December 2009, Square Enix released Final Fantasy XIII in Japan. But the fresh news is that this year, probably on March, the game's also coming to Europe and USA, for both Sony Playstation 3 and Micrisift XBOX-360. I don't know why it took so long (The first trailer came out on E3, 2006), but I hope it's worth it. Personally I think that after Squarsoft hit bankruptcy and had to unite with Enix, the quality of the games wasn't as good as before. The last Final Fantasy Squaresoft developed was VIII, and it's considered the best of the series, alongside VII. It's also the last Final Fantasy I played.
Anyway, I hope FFXIII will be a nice game, though I have my doubts. Because now the game developers think more about making money, rather than creating something with love and care. Art became business and publishers seem to care only about graphics and effects. If you ask me, I think that 3D graphics is science, but 2D is art!
Anyway, we'll soon know, the hour draws near.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Super Street Fighter IV

On 2009, after many years, Capcom gave us a new Street Fighter game. The only that's actually better than Street Fighter II (Which was considered to be the best, by die-hard fans). Its name's "Street Fighter IV". Now with an outstanding move, Street Fighter IV is upgraded into "Super Street Fighter IV", with special additions, like 8 new characters, new costumes and powerful new ultra combos! Is that impressive, or what?
It's clobberin' time!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Pathology - ROUND I

Today must have probably been the toughest exam-day EVER! Pathology... I have never studied anything more complicated than that! 120 pages with SO many details and info! A lovely and interesting subject, but not if you must learn each and every detail. I admit I didn't answer to all of the 30(?) questions, but I hope I made it... I really don't want to go through this again. Our teacher himself said that even doctors would find it difficult to answer perfectly in all of the questions. Seriously.

P.S. I hope I won't have to go to "ROUND II..."

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Men with no honor...

...are no men!
I had nothing to write about today, (nothing serious and worth mentioning, anyway), until I accidentally saw a TV spot about the following story, and anger suddenly filled my heart. It's the story of the former model and TV presenter, Katie Piper.
Katie was born in England, August 25 1983. One day she met a man via facebook, Daniel Lynch, who eventually became her boyfriend. But after two weeks it happened: In a hotel room, Lynch raped and beat Piper, and threatened to cut her with a razor and hang her. But that's only half of the story.
Piper received numerous phone calls and apologies from Lynch. Two days after the attack, Lynch persuaded Piper to go to an internet-cafe to read an email he had sent to her Facebook account. Lynch gave her details to Stefan Sylvestre, who identified her on Golders Green Road. Sylvestre approached Piper, who thought he was going to ask for money, and then threw sulfuric acid at her face! Both Lynch and Sylvestre were sentenced to life imprisonment, Sylvestre with a minimum of 12 years, and Lynch with a minimum of 16 years.
After that incident her one eye is blind and her face damaged. Doctors tried to do their best, but she no longer looks the way she once did.
And now I wonder... what kind of man could do that to a girl? There are certain things that define men. Men are supposed to have chivalry, honor, valor and loyalty. What chivalry is in beating-up a defenseless girl? What honor is in raping a girl? That's the very worst thing a man can do! What pride is in destroying her face and her life? Her career met its end...
Unfortunately this is the world I've grown into... Things like chivalry are long gone...
And then they ask me why I'm not so much into meeting new people... And here's my answer: People made me what I am. I don't say they are all fake and empty, but most of them are.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Comics and kids

Today they told me: "You read comics again? This stuff is only for kids dude, grow up!"
I'll set aside the "grow up" thing, and I'll focus on the "only for kids". I hate people who don't understand certain things. I call them "peasants".
Here are some pictures of various comics, DC all. And then tell me if what you see/read is kid's stuff. You can view them full-size if you click on 'em.
And there are also scenes with more violence and psychological stuff. Clearly not for kids.


Η1Ν1 Influenza Vaccine

Attention, please. I know the media are trying to scare people about H1N1. They are desperately trying to make people get shot with the vaccine. I tell you what, the vaccine itself can cause more problems than the flu itself! OK, I agree in the fact that some people probably died because of "swine flu", (as H1N1 Influenza is commonly known), butt trust me, most people who caught the flu survived. Not only that, but some of them didn't even realize they were ill. In fact, a common flu caused more problems to them than the "swine flu". As for the vaccine itself, it can prove lethal. Many people died because of that. I don't blame the doctors, (one day I'll probably be one anyway), I blame the vaccine itself. You know what's in that thing? Formol, Mercury (aka quicksilver), Aluminum and Squaline (I'm not sure how it's spelled, but it consists of sick animals' tissue!). As you probably already known, the above components can prove to be lethal. I cannot force anyone in getting or not the vaccine, but I can tell you that it has more possibilities to kill you than H1N1 itself. The info I'm giving to you comes from "inside", and a trustful source.
Please warn everyone you know. Thank you.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bat Species - Lasiurus

This is going to be our last species. It is the 12th and last song of the "Batman Begins" soundtrack. I don't know what my next tributes will be about, but for now I haven't thought of something...
So, here we have, Lasiurus.
Lasiurus is the genus comprising hairy-tailed bats. The name Lasiurus is derived from the Greek lasios (hairy) and oura (tail). It contains some of the most attractive bats (Chiroptera) in the whole continent of North America including such species as the red bat, L. borealis, and the hoary bat, L. cinereus. They are very robust and long-winged with fast and strong flight, several species flying during parts of the day especially when migrating south in autumn. The hoary bat and red bat will often fly in daylight during winter.
When roosting, this group is also interesting as they hang from twigs, usually hidden by leaves in trees and do not use caves. The northern species such as the red and hoary bats have particularly thick and dense fur for extra insulation and may migrate south in winter, although winter roosting sites can still be quite cool.
They are, as a genus, unusual, being the only bats apart from the parti-coloured bat, Vespertilio murinus to possess an extra pair of nipples (four in total). This allows them to suckle more than the usual one pup per season that most bats produce, with two or three being common and sometimes four produced, though more rarely.
That's all folks!

Haiti Earthquake

Today I had lunch with a friend of mine and then he came with me at my place, 'cos I was asked to give him a copy of Microsoft Office 2007 and some notes for the exams. He turned the TV on, and the first thing we saw was the news. The news was about Haiti.
I have been reading stuff about the incident and the situation, but today was actually the first time I saw things in real-life video. The images were shocking! Dead bodies gathered behind the hospital, on a big pile. People asking for medical attention, kids trying to forget the situation, playing some ball.... You can clearly see those people are crying out for help. And there is nothing I can do to help them. I mean significantly help them, not with 1, 2... 10 bucks.
There are times I consider myself to be someone special, but in situations like these, I realize that no matter how much I want to help people who suffer, no matter how much I want to be a hero, I realize that I'm just a boy, among billions of others. I'm not a hero, I cannot save or help anyone. Maybe I'm not who I think I am. Perhaps there are still new plateaus for me to reach. Far greater heights to which I must ascend. Because after my death I want people to remember all the good I've done, all the help I've given.
To each and everyone who died on that terrible earthquake, I got one thing to say:
Gerich hîdh nen gurth .


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So much death

We are all aware of a tragic event that happened recently. I'm referring to the destructive earthquake that stroke Haiti with such force! Hundreds of thousands of people died there. In a moment you live your life, do what you usually do, and the very next moment your body lies shattered and soulless under tones of destroyed buildings.
And makes me wonder... You know, people are planning a lot of things "for the future". We sometimes are too scared, or too stubborn to do or say something important, so we tell ourselves "save it for tomorrow, or next month/year". What if we won't be alive tomorrow, or next month/year? What I wanna say is we should love and enjoy every single moment of our lives, and do what we want to do as soon as possible. That's why I'm saying this now, while most people say it when they are getting old: If I die, no matter when or where, I don't want to be buried and eaten by the maggots! Burn me! Burn me like the heaven kings of old. And now pay attention on the details: I want my ashes to be put into a plain stainless-steel cube. On one side I want the Autobots emblem carved (Earlier I'd say both Autobots and Decepticons, but I gotta pick a side). On the other side I want the Batman symbol carved (As shown in the picture, 'cos it represents both Batman and Majin Vegeta). On the third side I want the Jedi Knights symbol carved, as shown on the picture. On the forth side I want the circling LOTR writing that is presented on the picture, also carved.
On top of the box, I want my full real name, my date of birth-death and the phrase "The rest is silence" carved. I also want my personal symbol carved, the one on the last picture. And of course signatures from my good friends. I just want all the things I've loved to be imprinted on that metal box. And if carving them is impossible, then please let them be painted, but the box should remain indoors.
I know this might sound crazy. I'm too young to die, and I have no intention to leave early but... you think that all those poor people on Haiti wanted to die, or expecting it? ;)
So do whatever you want/must do, without many delays. Love life and enjoy it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bat species - Corynorhinus

Today I received some kinda bad news. I don't wanna talk about it in public, but all I gotta say is that accidents happen and we shouldn't blame ourselves for those.
Now, back on topic. Our next bat species is called Corynorhinus.
The Ozark Big-Eared bat (Corynorhinus townsendii ingens) is the largest and reddest of the five subspecies of Corynorhinus townsendii and is medium-sized and weighs from 0.2 to 0.5 ounces. It has very large, 1” long ears that connect at the base across the forehead. The snout has large, prominent lumps above the nostrils. These particular bats feed on moths and other insects; they forage along forest edges.
The caves used by Ozark Big-Eared bats are located in karst regions dominated by oak-hickory forests. Karst is a special type of landscape that is formed by the dissolution of soluble rocks, including limestone and dolomite. The temperature of hibernation caves ranges from 40° to 50°F. The Ozark Big-Eared bats use caves all year around, thus they are highly susceptible to extinction if their homes vary too greatly in temperature, are disturbed or destroyed. The Ozark big-eared bats once lived in caves in Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. However, they have apparently abandoned their Missouri habitat due to human encroachment and cave disturbance.


Today a friend's sister, after finishing her studies, received her certificate, alongside other 28 gals and guyz. It was a brilliant ceremony, with many important people. The 29 ex-students swore their oath and grabbed the paper with great happiness, but also stress, about what's gonna follow. And I wonder... In a year from now, if everything goes well, I'll be getting my own certificate, swearing my own oath. I both seek and fear that day. Everything will change after that. Hopefully my friends will be down with the audience, applauding me. Still, it's a long way. I got two more hard semesters ahead of me. I hope I can make it. I must make it. For honor. For my parents who support me. For my friends who believe in me as much as I believe in them. All of them... I don't know if it's fear, or courage, that compels me, but I will try. I haven't done anything big and important in my life, anyway. At least I don't think so. I think that this will be my first important success.

I can make it... I MUST make it.

Οh, and for those who got their certificate today, I got one thing to say:
Mae coren.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Today I went to Mc.Donalds with a couple of friends, and after a short conversation and a strawberry-sundae I thought I should go to the Super Market. Well, time was pressing me and the closest one was at "her" neighborhood. She was my first serious flirt. We have been close for more than 2 years, but after that, exactly a year ago (a few weeks after 1/1/2009), she decided to cast me away. I was kinda relieved, to be honest, because on our last days she was too harsh and too nervous. She wasn't herself anymore. But we did have our good and romantic moments. And today all of them passed through my mind. I guess... no matter how much time has passed since then, there will always be a thorn in my heart. A thorn that will never let me forget her completely. I remember this place very well, her apartment is up there, behind the Super Market. Now it's all a memory. A thorn that will never go away. Well, to be honest, most of the time I'm not thinking of her, but when I cross that street and my eyes fall upon her house, for a few seconds my thoughts take me back to the past. I never had a chance to thank her for the good moments... but I'm happy she is gone. I feel like a free man now. And that incident helped me become stronger. Yes, no flirts for me now.
Oh, and for the records, her favorite song was "Bleeding love".

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Conditioner, Superman and Batman

Mother and certain friends of mine used to suggest I'd take better care of my long black hair. So finally I decided to do so. I've already started combing them more often, and today for the very first time in my life I used conditioner! I tell you this: It makes a hell of a difference! My hair now look so... Elven! (I'd say girly, or something similar, but I would sound gay). Mother, girls, you were right. :)
In other news, as I already said I spent a big part of last night and today studying the comic series "Superman-Batman". I read the comics my friends gave me for my birthday and I finally had a chance to read the rest of the story, since I downloaded the rest of the series.
The series is great! We have already seen Superman and Batman working together on the past, but this comic series takes us further beyond: We can actually spot the differences between the two heroes. We can clearly see their personalities, what they think of each other, and how they react on the same situation. It's just amazing. We see that Batman is way more careful than Superman, he believes that Superman is weak, because he is trying to be loved by people and be accepted as one of them. Still Batman admires Superman and really considers him a Hero. On the other hand, Superman thinks Batman is being too careful and too harsh, certain times. For example, on the issues my friends gave me, we read about Supergirl's arrival on Earth. Superman accepts her and wants to train her, but Batman thinks it's a trap and is tough with her. I don't want to reveal more of the plot, but trust me, it's great! The picture in the end of the post shows us the moment when Batman scares the girl from Krypton, because it's her first time on Earth and she started destroying things. Batman, the super-hero with no super-powers manages to stop Supergirl.
Well now it's time for me to admit something really shameful: I totally had no idea that this particular comic series ever existed! I usually know everything about comics, but that one slipped my attention. Now, thanks to my good friends, I had the chance to read that masterpiece!
Le hannon o gûr nîn!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Frozen Warfare

It was a boring day. Pike was forced into mindless shopping with his family (Told me he got uber-bored) and I had no internet 'till afternoon. We neither could go for a soft-drink, nor play anything together. But things changed. Internet came back, and with my pre-paid gamecard I returned to the world of Warcraft! I already participated on battles against the Lich King, on the frozen land of Icecrown. I am proud I could assist the Dark Lady, Sylvanas, in her war. She is my very favorite character on the Warcraft universe. <3
I missed this game during X-Mas holidays, it feels good to be back. There are friends who play it, and I had the chance to complete a mission with Pike and also talk to Nick the Giant. :)
Now it's time to cook dinner and read some comics. I think I'll study the story of Superman-Batman, tonight.

Bat species - Molossus

I know it's late, but I can't sleep. So I decided to continue my tribute on "Batman Begins" soundtrack, by writing about the next bat species, which is Molossus.
Molossidae, or free-tailed bats, are a family of bats within the order Chiroptera.They are generally quite robust, and consist of many strong flying forms with relatively long and narrow wings. Another common name for some members of this group, and indeed a few species from other families, is Mastiff Bat. The Western mastiff bat, Eumops perotis, a large species from the southwestern United States and Mexico with wings over half a metre across, is perhaps one of the best known with this name. They are widespread, being found on every continent except Antarctica.
The family name is derived from a length of "free" tail, projecting beyond the end of the uropatagium - the membrane that connects the base of the tail to the hind legs. The tail is usually best seen when resting. A special ring of cartilage slides up or down the tail vertebrae by muscular action to stretch or retract the tail membrane. This gives many species a degree of fine tuning in their flight maneuvers to rival their day flying ecological equivalents, such as Swifts, Swallows and Martins. As a result, these animals include the fastest flying of all bat species among their number.ree-tailed bats are usually grey, brown, or black in color, although there are some exceptions. They range from 4 to 12 cm in length, excluding the tail, and can weigh anything from 8 to 220 grams, depending on species. They are insectivorous, and catch their food on the wing. While some species roost in small groups in hollow trees or rocky crevices, some cave-dwelling species form vast colonies of up to fifty million individuals.

Friday, January 15, 2010


It was a wonderful day. Last day at hospital, for this semester, and the professor allowed us to leave much earlier than usual. I met with Pike, and after playing some League of Legends, we went shopping. I bought me a World of Warcraft Timecard, (at last, 'cos I've been missing for too long) and a T-shirt with Batman's symbol! It's probably my favorite one! Now I'm only missing one with the Decepticon emblem, but it's not an easy thing to find here in Greece. After that Pike had to go home, and I visited Mc. Donalds to get a regular strawberry-sundae. God I love strawberry-sundae. :)


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Xerox † R.I.P.

My good and special friend Delany lost her second pet rat... It must be extremely painful to lose two friends, in such a small time period. Many people don't consider pets as friends, and most of them don't consider rats as pets.
I tell you what, animals are our friends, no matter the species and the appearance. After all, I've been always been dreaming to have a naked-mole-rat as a pet.
Well, Xerox... I never met you, but I know you had a great owner, who loved you very much. You will be missed and never be forgotten, I know that because I know your owner.
Gerich hîdh nen gurth.


Today was my first time at hospital for 2010. I had forgotten how tough it is to wake up so early. But, as I say, a man gotta do... what a man gotta do. This day was kinda special, because after months and months of studying, it was the very first time I was asked to draw blood in real-life, from a person and not a training dummy. And I did pretty well, though I was kinda trembling and threw down the cotton bowl. xD
But first, I offered my own blood to a girl that needed practice more than me, and to be honest, she did a damn good job. Overall it was a tiresome and boring day, but life's not only joy and games and comics and anime and- oh, you get the idea. :P
On this photo you can see the vial with my own blood in it. Good stuff, AB+ (Or is it A+? Can't remember...)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shame on the fakes!

Today, at approximately 800 o'clock a girl called me, a colleague of mine. When I saw her number, I felt strange, 'cos the last time she called was months ago! I picked up the phone, only to find out she wanted me to go check the exams' program for her. I might add she did it with such sweet tone... too sweet to be true. Now I realize that her last call, (the one she did months ago) was again for the same reason! Later on, up until this very moment, more "old pals" have been calling me for the exact same reason. You know, staying so close to the college has certain privileges but... I don't see it this way. Where were all these "friends" when I had need of them? Most of them didn't even reply to my wishes for a happy new year. Pathetic scavengers! And of course I didn't go to tell them about the program, and neither do I intend to do so. Happy new Fear to them!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Marlene was not a Nazi!

Today some colleagues visited me, 'cos they finished class, and obviously were too bored to just go home. Mine is just outside our college, so they came here. I was already awake and listening to various songs and music. Batman's old theme (God it touches me SO deep...), the Imperial March, Star Wars main theme, Fear of the Dark, Bring me to life, The Unforgiven... anyway, there was also "Lili Marlene" on the play-list. When the smart-asses heard that, they called me Nazi. Some did it for fun, but some of them meant it, and so they left. You can guess that the ones who stayed are those who I consider as friends. Anyway, this post is not to write about friendship, but stupidity and ignorance. Because first of all I'm not a real Nazi, and it's only a fun-thing among me and certain friends (like Lakis, our "Fuhrer" :P ). But this song it's not even about Nazism... AT ALL! This a really beautiful song, sung by a really lovely voice. Marlene was not supporting Hitler, she was actually hunted by him and the Nazis. OK, the soldiers used to sing it a lot, but the soldiers DIDN'T support Hitler! Only a 7% of them actually liked him.
Anyway, I don't want to make this a political matter, just read the lyrics' translation and see for yourselves how "bad" and "evil" this song is.
Lili Marlene
In front of the barracks,
In front of the main gate,
Stood a lamppost,
And if it still is standing out front,
Then we’ll see each other there again,
If we stand by the lamppost,
As before, Lili Marlene,
As before, Lili Marlene.
Our two shadows
Looked like one,
That we held each other so fondly
Someone would think we were one.
And everybody will see it
If we stand by the lamppost,
As before, Lili Marlene,
As before, Lili Marlene.
Already the guard was crying,
“They’re blowing taps.
That could cost you three days.”
“Comrade, I’m coming right away.”
There we said farewell,
But I would rather have gone with you,
With you, Lili Marlene,
With you, Lili Marlene.
She knows your pace,
Your special stride.
Every evening she is burning,
Though she forgot me long ago.
And if a mishap should befall me,
Who would stand by the lamppost,
With you, Lili Marlene,
With you, Lili Marlene?
From out of silent space,
From out the lands of Earth,
Your beloved lips uplift me
As if in a dream.
When the nocturnal mists swirl,
I will be standing by the lamppost,
As before, Lili Marlene,
As before, Lili Marlene.

Isn't it beautiful?

Bat species - Nycteris

It has been a long time since my last post about bats. Many things happened since then, and I was posting about many things. But anyway, despite the various issues, one has gotta finish what he started, so let's carry on.
Our next bat species, tributed on the "Batman Begins" soundtrack, is that of Nyctaeridae.
Nycteridae is the family of slit-faced or hollow-faced bats. They are grouped in a single genus, Nycteris. The bats are found in East Malaysia, Indonesia and many parts of Africa.
They are small bats, from 4 to 8 cm in body length, and with grey, brown, or reddish fur. A long slit runs down the centre of their faces from between the eyes to the nostrils, and probably assists in echolocation. They have large ears, and a complex nose-leaf. Their tail ends in a T-shape, formed from cartilage, a feature that is unique among mammals
Slit-faced bats roost in caves, trees, and buildings, typically in fairly small colonies. Some even roost in animal burrows, such as those of hedgehogs or porcupines. They eat insects, and some terrestrial invertebrates, such as spiders and small scorpions. At least one species, the Large Slit-Faced Bat, even catches vertebrate prey, such as frogs and small birds.
The echolocation calls of slit-faced bats are relatively quiet and short in duration, and they seem to target their prey by hearing the sounds it produces, rather than by sonar. They give birth once or twice each year.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Then what?

Today our teachers didn't come, so we had all the day free. I was about to head home, when some of my colleagues decided that it's a nice day and we should go have some coffee, or whatever. They asked me to join them, and so I did. Unfortunately the place we went to didn't serve my regular "strawberry sundae", (Ha! Pathetic!) so I just had some coffee (which I really regret, 'cos it gave me a nasty stomach-ache). Well, one moment a girl said: "What is it going to happen after we finish? We are gonna lose each-other... I'll miss you all.". Basically I wouldn't care much. I was laying on my chair, without any thoughts and concerns. But there are certain people, among this bunch of barbies and trends, that I actually like, that are not like the others. Then I realize... that I've made friends here. Friends who will miss me, and I them. I think... That I've been in the darkness too long, I realize that I was too... (how shall we say?) introvert.  I was never interested in making new friends. Ι cared about my studies and having fun alone, indoors. Now I actually feel I've missed so much... I was barely going for coffee with them, I always had an excuse to stay indoors. That's probably wrong. Perhaps I should trust people a bit more. Because no matter how many idiots are there, there are also people worth being friends. And now... I really wonder... In a year we'll probably finish our school, then what? I will miss them, and they will miss me. I have been too selfish, too arrogant. I feel ashamed, because they were so kind, nothing like the rest of the bunch. It's true, so far from home, and yet I do have friends here as well. And as Drizzt Do'Urden once said: This is my legacy; by the grace of the gods, I am not alone.

Making of "The Lord of the Rings"

Tolkien, the author of LOTR had said that it is impossible for someone to make a film out of his creation. Not that he hated films, but there are so many details, and so many messages on those books, which literally make it impossible for someone to film all of it. Fortunately, Peter Jackson is great fan of Tolkien, and in fact almost every member of the crew is great fan, and so they gave their best to make those films for us to watch. Of course some changes happened, and some things had to stay off-screen, but the films manage to give us the main Tolkien theme, the main idea, with brilliant success.
There are many interesting themes on the trilogy, like strong friendship, despair (which leads in either suicide or a great action), love between a mortal Man and an immortal Elf, who gave away her immortality to be with the one she loves. And of course the movie is about the struggle between good and evil. There are great lines to be heard, lines that sometimes manage to give you courage, patience, strength. Lines that can even make you shed a tear or two...
I have kept in mind some interesting stuff about the making of the films, and I'd like to share it with y'all.
The first thing that comes in mind, is a scene where we see Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) kick a helmet and scream of both anger and sadness, because he thought he lost 2 of his friends. Viggo made that scene five times, and on the fifth he actually broke 2 toes! But instead of yelling "CUT! I'm hit!", he turned that pain into acting, and that's the scene we actually see in the movie, the moment when he breaks his toes!
Another fact is that he was very bound to his sword. (Here I'll have to say that there where different types of swords in the movie, real ones and plastic as well, for the intense fighting scenes) Viggo made all of his scenes with the real sword, the sharp one! He was even carrying it with him the whole time, no matter where he was. One day he was eating in a restaurant, and when he left, dressed half-Aragorn and half his casual clothes, he was swinging it down the street and the police stopped him to ask questions! He even broke a tooth during a fight scene! Viggo was also very bound to the horse he was riding as Aragorn in the films. Rumor has it that he was even sleeping with that horse!
Orlando Bloom (Legolas) fell once from his horse and broke a rib, and that was in fact the same day when Viggo had broken his toes. But there was a running scene that had to be made that day, so he and Viggo had to run long distances, with all that pain and a helicopter filming them from above. At least some of that footage is seen on the film.
Bernard Hill (King Theoden) got a nasty cut on the ear, during a fight scene, and they had to give him 3 stitches! But the accidents don't stop here: Sean Astin (Sam Gamgee) stepped on a nasty piece of glass, and they had to call for a helicopter to take him to the nearest hospital.
In other news, Peter Jackson, the director, made a short appearance (cameo) in all of the three movies. And Howard Shore, the composer, also has his own cameo.
Last, but not least I want to mention that Orlando's bow broke on the very last day of filming!
Well, that's all I can recall now. The films are great, and give a different note to my life. No other film has ever made me feel so many different kinds of emotions, strong or lesser! And watching the love of the people who made it, the determination they had to succeed... I don't think that there will ever be a film I will love more than "The Lord of the Rings". That trilogy means so much to me...
I want to thank everyone who worked so hard to give those films to the public.
Le hannon o gûr nîn! Navaer.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

LOTR and Cancer

While I was watching the making of and other interesting stuff on the bonus discs of "The Lord of the Rings", I was kinda keeping notes of many interesting and funny stuff, to write about when I was done watching the whole thing. But in the end, what left me the greatest impression is the story of a 17yr old boy, who died of osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. Duncan completed many home videos but only two short fimls, DFK6498 and Strike Zone, a movie involving his love for Softball, as well as a few commercials and brief clips. His films was about cancer, the imprisonment it makes you feel, and also the will to achieve something good before leaving this world. As for his relationship with LOTR,
near the end of his life he befriended Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh, inspiring the latter to write the Oscar-winning song, "Into the West" for the film The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. After his death, his work as well as an explanatory documentary was put onto the Extended Edition DVD set for The Return of the King.
On the set of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, he received blessings from Viggo Mortensen and Sir Ian McKellen as well as a signed photo from John Rhys-Davies. He was going to make a cameo in the film, but as his health deteriorated, it became impossible for him to do so.
That's all I will say now about the stuff I found on the bonus discs. No funny stuff, just a tribute to that boy, who will not be forgotten. R.I.P. boy. You remind us all that we should love every single moment of our lives.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Broken Relic

Last night I had a nice dream, can't say any details. But in the end it ended really bad and nasty: My favorite pen broke! I felt like... Aragorn while he was standing in front of the broken sword of his ancestors. That pen has good memories within it, I wouldn't like to see it on a stand like it's another relic, I love writing with it. It's the only KP pen I got, and more important: A gift!

In other news, I know have always been complaining that new figures and other stuff usually arrive to Greek stores later than in the rest of the world. But there is also a good side of it: Things might arrive late, but they barely leave the store, so you are able to dig out cool older stuff. This particular Batman figure I bought yesterday, is 6-7 years old, for example. And it was only 5 bucks.

I'd also like to show you how my new Transformers fit to my newest collection of G1 characters, feast your eyes, my friends!

I remember mentioning it those figures are part of the 25th anniversary, so here's a detail of their boxes. Pretty neat, in my opinion.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


First of all I want to wish you all Happy new Year! I hope you had wonderful vacations and now be better prepared for the difficulties of life. :)
There were some really interesting things happened during the past three weeks. First of all, I changed my hairstyle. It was actually Mois's idea to straighten them, an evening when we were sitting at my house (looking after my brother) and we felt extremely bored. Well, here's what Mois managed to do. Pretty nice job, to be honest.

I also had a chance to visit my old school, during nighttime. No, I'm no burglar, Mother had the keys and asked for my help on preparing an X-Mas feast. ;)
So I kinda grabbed the chance to stroll around the dark corridors and classrooms. Muahahaha


Another really interesting and touching thing is when I was kinda lucky and managed to visit the old house of my oldest friend ever... We had so much fun there. I kinda spent my whole childhood there. so many memories...

On that wall we used to hang targets to hit with our air-soft-guns, and I also remember there was a hose on that valve, which his Grandfather was using to water the garden. (And we were using to water each other :D)

This is the main gate, which normally was never locked. On the other side there was plenty of "wilderness" where we used to catch grasshoppers and Mantis, we used to play Dinosaur Hunters and other war games with our plastic guns.

Here's the main yard. Right where the grassy land is, his Grandfather used to plant vegetables, I remember.
The opening on the very left of the photo is a doorway that leads to my own old yard and house. There was also a really enormous fig tree growing, kinda where the stone pile is on the left.

Ah, and here we have the main house. Of course it looked way better back then. On the ground level we used to play with our Transformers, and on the upper level we were listening to music. The very first Metal song I heard in my life was up there, Fear of the Dark - Iron Maiden.
On the ground level there is also a well, which used to provided crystal-clear water.

Oh, I remember this corner. We are now inside the cellar, and this is the place where we were hiding the bag with our toys and guns. : )

In other news, weather was pretty bad all those days, but one of the things I kinda like was that fog! Oh yes, pretty nasty and mysterious thing, huh?

Of course there were also a couple of nice, warm and sunny days. so I grabbed the chance to go for a long walk, and I managed to capture that magnificent picture, with the mountaintops actually forming a sleeping man! Alexander the Great, they call him.

Well, the last thing I did on my very last day of vacation, was to buy me some really great Transformers figures for my collection. G1 characters, since 2009 was the 25th anniversary of the very first, G1, Transformers series. I'm proud to have those characters added to my collection.

Well, this is it pretty much. What else to say... Oh, yes. Each and every single night I was with the other guyz, playing 'till late. I loved it! I also managed to get closer to a girl I really admire, though there are miles over miles between us. Doesn't matter anyway. :)
Well, there are also some bad things that happened, concerning the relationships with a certain friend of mine, but in the end you come to realize that things are not always in your hand to control, therefore you must know when to stop and let time heal the damage.
And I'm pretty optimist. I have to give credits for this to Peter Jackson and the rest of the great team, who worked SO hard to make the LOTR movies. Watching how the movies were made, and listening to the crew itself... well kinda made me more optimist.

This is it, for now. I'll soon be posting bat-stuff again, and of course write about how 2010 is proceeding.
Have fun, my friends! :)