Friday, January 22, 2010

Η1Ν1 Influenza Vaccine

Attention, please. I know the media are trying to scare people about H1N1. They are desperately trying to make people get shot with the vaccine. I tell you what, the vaccine itself can cause more problems than the flu itself! OK, I agree in the fact that some people probably died because of "swine flu", (as H1N1 Influenza is commonly known), butt trust me, most people who caught the flu survived. Not only that, but some of them didn't even realize they were ill. In fact, a common flu caused more problems to them than the "swine flu". As for the vaccine itself, it can prove lethal. Many people died because of that. I don't blame the doctors, (one day I'll probably be one anyway), I blame the vaccine itself. You know what's in that thing? Formol, Mercury (aka quicksilver), Aluminum and Squaline (I'm not sure how it's spelled, but it consists of sick animals' tissue!). As you probably already known, the above components can prove to be lethal. I cannot force anyone in getting or not the vaccine, but I can tell you that it has more possibilities to kill you than H1N1 itself. The info I'm giving to you comes from "inside", and a trustful source.
Please warn everyone you know. Thank you.

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