Thursday, January 7, 2010


First of all I want to wish you all Happy new Year! I hope you had wonderful vacations and now be better prepared for the difficulties of life. :)
There were some really interesting things happened during the past three weeks. First of all, I changed my hairstyle. It was actually Mois's idea to straighten them, an evening when we were sitting at my house (looking after my brother) and we felt extremely bored. Well, here's what Mois managed to do. Pretty nice job, to be honest.

I also had a chance to visit my old school, during nighttime. No, I'm no burglar, Mother had the keys and asked for my help on preparing an X-Mas feast. ;)
So I kinda grabbed the chance to stroll around the dark corridors and classrooms. Muahahaha


Another really interesting and touching thing is when I was kinda lucky and managed to visit the old house of my oldest friend ever... We had so much fun there. I kinda spent my whole childhood there. so many memories...

On that wall we used to hang targets to hit with our air-soft-guns, and I also remember there was a hose on that valve, which his Grandfather was using to water the garden. (And we were using to water each other :D)

This is the main gate, which normally was never locked. On the other side there was plenty of "wilderness" where we used to catch grasshoppers and Mantis, we used to play Dinosaur Hunters and other war games with our plastic guns.

Here's the main yard. Right where the grassy land is, his Grandfather used to plant vegetables, I remember.
The opening on the very left of the photo is a doorway that leads to my own old yard and house. There was also a really enormous fig tree growing, kinda where the stone pile is on the left.

Ah, and here we have the main house. Of course it looked way better back then. On the ground level we used to play with our Transformers, and on the upper level we were listening to music. The very first Metal song I heard in my life was up there, Fear of the Dark - Iron Maiden.
On the ground level there is also a well, which used to provided crystal-clear water.

Oh, I remember this corner. We are now inside the cellar, and this is the place where we were hiding the bag with our toys and guns. : )

In other news, weather was pretty bad all those days, but one of the things I kinda like was that fog! Oh yes, pretty nasty and mysterious thing, huh?

Of course there were also a couple of nice, warm and sunny days. so I grabbed the chance to go for a long walk, and I managed to capture that magnificent picture, with the mountaintops actually forming a sleeping man! Alexander the Great, they call him.

Well, the last thing I did on my very last day of vacation, was to buy me some really great Transformers figures for my collection. G1 characters, since 2009 was the 25th anniversary of the very first, G1, Transformers series. I'm proud to have those characters added to my collection.

Well, this is it pretty much. What else to say... Oh, yes. Each and every single night I was with the other guyz, playing 'till late. I loved it! I also managed to get closer to a girl I really admire, though there are miles over miles between us. Doesn't matter anyway. :)
Well, there are also some bad things that happened, concerning the relationships with a certain friend of mine, but in the end you come to realize that things are not always in your hand to control, therefore you must know when to stop and let time heal the damage.
And I'm pretty optimist. I have to give credits for this to Peter Jackson and the rest of the great team, who worked SO hard to make the LOTR movies. Watching how the movies were made, and listening to the crew itself... well kinda made me more optimist.

This is it, for now. I'll soon be posting bat-stuff again, and of course write about how 2010 is proceeding.
Have fun, my friends! :)

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