Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII draws near

On December 2009, Square Enix released Final Fantasy XIII in Japan. But the fresh news is that this year, probably on March, the game's also coming to Europe and USA, for both Sony Playstation 3 and Micrisift XBOX-360. I don't know why it took so long (The first trailer came out on E3, 2006), but I hope it's worth it. Personally I think that after Squarsoft hit bankruptcy and had to unite with Enix, the quality of the games wasn't as good as before. The last Final Fantasy Squaresoft developed was VIII, and it's considered the best of the series, alongside VII. It's also the last Final Fantasy I played.
Anyway, I hope FFXIII will be a nice game, though I have my doubts. Because now the game developers think more about making money, rather than creating something with love and care. Art became business and publishers seem to care only about graphics and effects. If you ask me, I think that 3D graphics is science, but 2D is art!
Anyway, we'll soon know, the hour draws near.

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