Sunday, January 24, 2010

Men with no honor...

...are no men!
I had nothing to write about today, (nothing serious and worth mentioning, anyway), until I accidentally saw a TV spot about the following story, and anger suddenly filled my heart. It's the story of the former model and TV presenter, Katie Piper.
Katie was born in England, August 25 1983. One day she met a man via facebook, Daniel Lynch, who eventually became her boyfriend. But after two weeks it happened: In a hotel room, Lynch raped and beat Piper, and threatened to cut her with a razor and hang her. But that's only half of the story.
Piper received numerous phone calls and apologies from Lynch. Two days after the attack, Lynch persuaded Piper to go to an internet-cafe to read an email he had sent to her Facebook account. Lynch gave her details to Stefan Sylvestre, who identified her on Golders Green Road. Sylvestre approached Piper, who thought he was going to ask for money, and then threw sulfuric acid at her face! Both Lynch and Sylvestre were sentenced to life imprisonment, Sylvestre with a minimum of 12 years, and Lynch with a minimum of 16 years.
After that incident her one eye is blind and her face damaged. Doctors tried to do their best, but she no longer looks the way she once did.
And now I wonder... what kind of man could do that to a girl? There are certain things that define men. Men are supposed to have chivalry, honor, valor and loyalty. What chivalry is in beating-up a defenseless girl? What honor is in raping a girl? That's the very worst thing a man can do! What pride is in destroying her face and her life? Her career met its end...
Unfortunately this is the world I've grown into... Things like chivalry are long gone...
And then they ask me why I'm not so much into meeting new people... And here's my answer: People made me what I am. I don't say they are all fake and empty, but most of them are.

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