Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today was my first time at hospital for 2010. I had forgotten how tough it is to wake up so early. But, as I say, a man gotta do... what a man gotta do. This day was kinda special, because after months and months of studying, it was the very first time I was asked to draw blood in real-life, from a person and not a training dummy. And I did pretty well, though I was kinda trembling and threw down the cotton bowl. xD
But first, I offered my own blood to a girl that needed practice more than me, and to be honest, she did a damn good job. Overall it was a tiresome and boring day, but life's not only joy and games and comics and anime and- oh, you get the idea. :P
On this photo you can see the vial with my own blood in it. Good stuff, AB+ (Or is it A+? Can't remember...)

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