Saturday, January 16, 2010

Frozen Warfare

It was a boring day. Pike was forced into mindless shopping with his family (Told me he got uber-bored) and I had no internet 'till afternoon. We neither could go for a soft-drink, nor play anything together. But things changed. Internet came back, and with my pre-paid gamecard I returned to the world of Warcraft! I already participated on battles against the Lich King, on the frozen land of Icecrown. I am proud I could assist the Dark Lady, Sylvanas, in her war. She is my very favorite character on the Warcraft universe. <3
I missed this game during X-Mas holidays, it feels good to be back. There are friends who play it, and I had the chance to complete a mission with Pike and also talk to Nick the Giant. :)
Now it's time to cook dinner and read some comics. I think I'll study the story of Superman-Batman, tonight.


dri_bear said...

when did she look like this?

Silent_Guardian said...

I don't know, found it on google. :)