Monday, January 11, 2010

Then what?

Today our teachers didn't come, so we had all the day free. I was about to head home, when some of my colleagues decided that it's a nice day and we should go have some coffee, or whatever. They asked me to join them, and so I did. Unfortunately the place we went to didn't serve my regular "strawberry sundae", (Ha! Pathetic!) so I just had some coffee (which I really regret, 'cos it gave me a nasty stomach-ache). Well, one moment a girl said: "What is it going to happen after we finish? We are gonna lose each-other... I'll miss you all.". Basically I wouldn't care much. I was laying on my chair, without any thoughts and concerns. But there are certain people, among this bunch of barbies and trends, that I actually like, that are not like the others. Then I realize... that I've made friends here. Friends who will miss me, and I them. I think... That I've been in the darkness too long, I realize that I was too... (how shall we say?) introvert.  I was never interested in making new friends. Ι cared about my studies and having fun alone, indoors. Now I actually feel I've missed so much... I was barely going for coffee with them, I always had an excuse to stay indoors. That's probably wrong. Perhaps I should trust people a bit more. Because no matter how many idiots are there, there are also people worth being friends. And now... I really wonder... In a year we'll probably finish our school, then what? I will miss them, and they will miss me. I have been too selfish, too arrogant. I feel ashamed, because they were so kind, nothing like the rest of the bunch. It's true, so far from home, and yet I do have friends here as well. And as Drizzt Do'Urden once said: This is my legacy; by the grace of the gods, I am not alone.

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Martzi21r said...

There is one more person out there who liked your e-company and loved to be your friend. She thought that you were special, wonderful and an absolutely gorgeous creature. You just blocked and deleted her, not only from your internet network, but from your life, too. She really hopes that you are not like the rest of the bunch, but she also doubts it. Be well, and may god bless you whatever you do in your life. That could be my last goodbye, old and unusual kind of friend..