Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So much death

We are all aware of a tragic event that happened recently. I'm referring to the destructive earthquake that stroke Haiti with such force! Hundreds of thousands of people died there. In a moment you live your life, do what you usually do, and the very next moment your body lies shattered and soulless under tones of destroyed buildings.
And makes me wonder... You know, people are planning a lot of things "for the future". We sometimes are too scared, or too stubborn to do or say something important, so we tell ourselves "save it for tomorrow, or next month/year". What if we won't be alive tomorrow, or next month/year? What I wanna say is we should love and enjoy every single moment of our lives, and do what we want to do as soon as possible. That's why I'm saying this now, while most people say it when they are getting old: If I die, no matter when or where, I don't want to be buried and eaten by the maggots! Burn me! Burn me like the heaven kings of old. And now pay attention on the details: I want my ashes to be put into a plain stainless-steel cube. On one side I want the Autobots emblem carved (Earlier I'd say both Autobots and Decepticons, but I gotta pick a side). On the other side I want the Batman symbol carved (As shown in the picture, 'cos it represents both Batman and Majin Vegeta). On the third side I want the Jedi Knights symbol carved, as shown on the picture. On the forth side I want the circling LOTR writing that is presented on the picture, also carved.
On top of the box, I want my full real name, my date of birth-death and the phrase "The rest is silence" carved. I also want my personal symbol carved, the one on the last picture. And of course signatures from my good friends. I just want all the things I've loved to be imprinted on that metal box. And if carving them is impossible, then please let them be painted, but the box should remain indoors.
I know this might sound crazy. I'm too young to die, and I have no intention to leave early but... you think that all those poor people on Haiti wanted to die, or expecting it? ;)
So do whatever you want/must do, without many delays. Love life and enjoy it.

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