Sunday, January 17, 2010

Conditioner, Superman and Batman

Mother and certain friends of mine used to suggest I'd take better care of my long black hair. So finally I decided to do so. I've already started combing them more often, and today for the very first time in my life I used conditioner! I tell you this: It makes a hell of a difference! My hair now look so... Elven! (I'd say girly, or something similar, but I would sound gay). Mother, girls, you were right. :)
In other news, as I already said I spent a big part of last night and today studying the comic series "Superman-Batman". I read the comics my friends gave me for my birthday and I finally had a chance to read the rest of the story, since I downloaded the rest of the series.
The series is great! We have already seen Superman and Batman working together on the past, but this comic series takes us further beyond: We can actually spot the differences between the two heroes. We can clearly see their personalities, what they think of each other, and how they react on the same situation. It's just amazing. We see that Batman is way more careful than Superman, he believes that Superman is weak, because he is trying to be loved by people and be accepted as one of them. Still Batman admires Superman and really considers him a Hero. On the other hand, Superman thinks Batman is being too careful and too harsh, certain times. For example, on the issues my friends gave me, we read about Supergirl's arrival on Earth. Superman accepts her and wants to train her, but Batman thinks it's a trap and is tough with her. I don't want to reveal more of the plot, but trust me, it's great! The picture in the end of the post shows us the moment when Batman scares the girl from Krypton, because it's her first time on Earth and she started destroying things. Batman, the super-hero with no super-powers manages to stop Supergirl.
Well now it's time for me to admit something really shameful: I totally had no idea that this particular comic series ever existed! I usually know everything about comics, but that one slipped my attention. Now, thanks to my good friends, I had the chance to read that masterpiece!
Le hannon o gûr nîn!

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