Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shame on the fakes!

Today, at approximately 800 o'clock a girl called me, a colleague of mine. When I saw her number, I felt strange, 'cos the last time she called was months ago! I picked up the phone, only to find out she wanted me to go check the exams' program for her. I might add she did it with such sweet tone... too sweet to be true. Now I realize that her last call, (the one she did months ago) was again for the same reason! Later on, up until this very moment, more "old pals" have been calling me for the exact same reason. You know, staying so close to the college has certain privileges but... I don't see it this way. Where were all these "friends" when I had need of them? Most of them didn't even reply to my wishes for a happy new year. Pathetic scavengers! And of course I didn't go to tell them about the program, and neither do I intend to do so. Happy new Fear to them!

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