Monday, January 18, 2010


Today I went to Mc.Donalds with a couple of friends, and after a short conversation and a strawberry-sundae I thought I should go to the Super Market. Well, time was pressing me and the closest one was at "her" neighborhood. She was my first serious flirt. We have been close for more than 2 years, but after that, exactly a year ago (a few weeks after 1/1/2009), she decided to cast me away. I was kinda relieved, to be honest, because on our last days she was too harsh and too nervous. She wasn't herself anymore. But we did have our good and romantic moments. And today all of them passed through my mind. I guess... no matter how much time has passed since then, there will always be a thorn in my heart. A thorn that will never let me forget her completely. I remember this place very well, her apartment is up there, behind the Super Market. Now it's all a memory. A thorn that will never go away. Well, to be honest, most of the time I'm not thinking of her, but when I cross that street and my eyes fall upon her house, for a few seconds my thoughts take me back to the past. I never had a chance to thank her for the good moments... but I'm happy she is gone. I feel like a free man now. And that incident helped me become stronger. Yes, no flirts for me now.
Oh, and for the records, her favorite song was "Bleeding love".

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