Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Marlene was not a Nazi!

Today some colleagues visited me, 'cos they finished class, and obviously were too bored to just go home. Mine is just outside our college, so they came here. I was already awake and listening to various songs and music. Batman's old theme (God it touches me SO deep...), the Imperial March, Star Wars main theme, Fear of the Dark, Bring me to life, The Unforgiven... anyway, there was also "Lili Marlene" on the play-list. When the smart-asses heard that, they called me Nazi. Some did it for fun, but some of them meant it, and so they left. You can guess that the ones who stayed are those who I consider as friends. Anyway, this post is not to write about friendship, but stupidity and ignorance. Because first of all I'm not a real Nazi, and it's only a fun-thing among me and certain friends (like Lakis, our "Fuhrer" :P ). But this song it's not even about Nazism... AT ALL! This a really beautiful song, sung by a really lovely voice. Marlene was not supporting Hitler, she was actually hunted by him and the Nazis. OK, the soldiers used to sing it a lot, but the soldiers DIDN'T support Hitler! Only a 7% of them actually liked him.
Anyway, I don't want to make this a political matter, just read the lyrics' translation and see for yourselves how "bad" and "evil" this song is.
Lili Marlene
In front of the barracks,
In front of the main gate,
Stood a lamppost,
And if it still is standing out front,
Then we’ll see each other there again,
If we stand by the lamppost,
As before, Lili Marlene,
As before, Lili Marlene.
Our two shadows
Looked like one,
That we held each other so fondly
Someone would think we were one.
And everybody will see it
If we stand by the lamppost,
As before, Lili Marlene,
As before, Lili Marlene.
Already the guard was crying,
“They’re blowing taps.
That could cost you three days.”
“Comrade, I’m coming right away.”
There we said farewell,
But I would rather have gone with you,
With you, Lili Marlene,
With you, Lili Marlene.
She knows your pace,
Your special stride.
Every evening she is burning,
Though she forgot me long ago.
And if a mishap should befall me,
Who would stand by the lamppost,
With you, Lili Marlene,
With you, Lili Marlene?
From out of silent space,
From out the lands of Earth,
Your beloved lips uplift me
As if in a dream.
When the nocturnal mists swirl,
I will be standing by the lamppost,
As before, Lili Marlene,
As before, Lili Marlene.

Isn't it beautiful?

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