Saturday, December 19, 2009

Final post of 2009

I am not posting anything, 'til the dawn of 2010. I wanna wish Merry X-Mas to all of my friends, and especially to those who read my blog: Delany, Pike and Asami.
I only hope the new year will fix what is broken.
Delany, I wish you find a nice job, permanent with good money. You listened to me when I needed someone to speak to. Thanks.
Pike, I wish you manage to get all the items you want in WoW. You are one of my best friends, and always there when I need you. Thank you.
Asami, we had really a great time, talking about Titanic, Anime, and various other stuff. You gave me your advice and wisdom when I were in dire need. Thank you. I hope the new year will bring us close again... Wish you have the best time in Germany. Don't forget those who are left back... No matter when you decide to talk to me again, I want you to know you will always have me as a good friend, waiting to talk about everything that interests or troubles you... until that day, 'til all are one.
Have a good time, my friends, all of you. No matter what the new year will bring, I'm happy and honored to have been at your side and you at mine, physically or mentally.
Merry X-Mas!

The rest... is silence.