Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bat species - Antrozous

I really feel empty this cold morning, so I will just write about the next bat species, devoted on those who love listening to OSTs
Sometimes I wonder if everyone reads all this...
Anyway... Our next species is "Antrozous".
The Pallid Bat (Antrozous pallidus) is a species of bat in the vesper bat family which ranges from western Canada to central Mexico. Pallid bats have larger eyes than most other species of bats in North America and have pale, long, and wide ears; their fur is generally lightly colored. They have on average a total length of 92 to 135mm.
Pallid Bats are insectivores so they feed on insects such as crickets and scorpions, and are capable of consuming up to half their weight in insects every night. Although they normally catch their prey on the ground; they usually transport their prey to their night roost to eat it.
heir large ears allow them to hear the footsteps of insects on the ground and they use their voices to make ultrasonic sounds that bounce back to their ears. The reflected sound waves let them sense flying insects and know the environment they are flying through.
Pallid bats are a unique type of bat because they are heterothermic, which means that, depending on the time of year, they can be either poikilothermic or homoeothermic. They have the ability to control their body temperature and equilibrate it with the environment during winter hibernation and whenever they rest.
They primarily sleep in rock crevices and buildings. Pallid bats are skilled at climbing and crawling.

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