Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bad luck and surprises.

6:30 Waking up and sending a "goodmorning" message to Asami, the only one of my friends who wakes as early as I do.
7:30 Heavy rainfall, and I left home without taking an umbrella... tough luck indeed. And not only that, the bus was late...
8:30 Arrival at hospital. The day couldn't be worse... new teammates, some silly barbie-girls, who think they know everything... While the teacher was trying to explain them a few things, my mind was flying outside the window. For some reason I was too bored to learn anything.
Weather wasn't helping at all, the city seemed just like a shadow of its normal shelf. Seemed like a tomb...
12:05 I left hospital later than usual, cause the teacher had to explain more stuff to my classmates. anyway, I soon realized the roads were shut, and there were no busses. Had to walk a couple of miles 'til I reach the station and take the bus home.
The day seemed to be getting worse and worse, when suddenly a surprise came up. The very best thing, and yet one of the rarest, happened to me and I feel like the happiest man in the world! I can't talk about it, but I think that you, Asami, maybe suspect what it is, we have spoken about it on the past days. :)
Now I feel totally awesome!

P.S. I'm sorry, but I'll tell to none about what has happened. It's not secret, though. Just a BIG surprise! :)

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