Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bat species - Myotis

The third bat species of "Batman Begins OST" is Myotis.
Bechstein's Bat (Myotis bechsteinii) will both roost and forage in suitable woodland of at least 25 hectares in size and only rarely venture outside of them.
In the United Kingdom Bechstein's Bats are most commonly found in the Forest of Dean and Herefordshire, however a single male was caught and recorded near Colby in Southern Pembrokeshire. The UK distribution has been plotted on the National Biodiversity Network website and can be found here.
They frequently roost in old Woodpecker holes, oak and Ash seeming to be the most important to the species.
They are protected under the European Habitats Directive. In the UK their rarity means that Woodlands containing the species may be considered for notification as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and may attract a grant under Natural Englands Environmental Stewardship scheme.

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