Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Books and Poker.

Today I woke up early, to go check my college for info about where to get my books for the semester. It appeared that Pike had to pick up some books as well, so we met and searched almost whole Salonika's down-town to get them. It has also been raining for about 20', nothing to worry about. On my way to Pike I met Lakis, so we decided to meet earlier all together.
After getting the books, Pike and I went to Pike's place, ate crepes and watched a documentary about the Siege of Malta by the Turks, and more funny stuff on the TV.
After we went for a cup of chocolate with Lakis, and we taught Pike how to play Poker. For a first-timer he did it extremely good, beating both Lakis and me! Now that's big!
Tomorrow we are going to get the rest of the books (hopefully) and have some more fun.
Damn, I realize that life's better when you don't spend the whole time indoors. Well I was going outside, for college purposes, but most of my free time was spent on my PC, playing RPGs. It's good to hang with friends.

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