Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My dog

After talking a lot with Delany about pets, I remembered my own pet, Lucky. He was my Husky.
Lucky was given to me when I was 10 years old. and he "left" when I was 18. A car killed him...
We practically grew together, he and I. We spent our childhood together, and our "teens" together...
I remembered some of the things we were doing... I remembered I was having him chase the girls of the village, but trained him never to bite, just scare them away. The peasants were mad about me, scaring their girls, but... who cares? Not me, anyway. xD
I remember when it was summer and he was getting too hot, I was "watering" him with the hose, and he was trying to bite the water, enraged! He couldn't bite it, of course, and that was making him angrier! Each time I was putting the hose down, it was his turn to make me all wet, by shaking his body and his tail, trying to get rid of the extra water! :D
I also remember that he was lying at my side when I was watering our trees, and I was getting bored, waiting for a tree to get enough water, so that I could move on... really boring.
I remember that I argued with grandpa about his name, he wanted to name him "Leon", the greek for "lion". I chose "Lucky", one of the few dog names I knew.
I remember he was howling like a wolf, when he wanted me to remove his chain.
I remember that he was all over, licking me, each time I pretended to be dead, down on the grass...
One day while I was fast asleep, my sister woke me up to tell me that he was hit by a car...
The night before I remember giving him food and changing his water... then... silence.
If I ever find out who killed him... he will feel my wrath!
The place where I come from is fool of peasants, killing poor dogs, just for fun. (And people say I'm the one with complex... :) ).
God gave dog to human, cause human has the need to have god close to him... (GOD-DOG, makes some sense)
I don't easily love someone, only a few can have that "privilege", but I surely did love my dog.
There is only a picture of him, and I'll post it somewhere, when I find it... for those who care, anyway.
I  think I will never get me another dog... ever!
Usually I post pictures to all of my posts, but no other dog will get the place of my Lucky!
I'll never forget you, old friend! NEVER! And to all of you who have dogs, please, treat them with love. Dogs can feel your emotions!
Goodbye... friend. I hope you are in a better place... 'til all are one.

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