Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shopping, Mayhem and Scooby!

 Yesterday I woke up kinda early, for my standards, at 1150 o' clock. Realizing it's the day for me to get payed, I rushed to get the money, and then went to buy me a T-Shirt. Suddenly I fell into a dilemma! There were two shirts I really wanted to have, yet I couldn't afford both of them. I was standing there for more than 10mins, before finally making a decision.
After that, I payed a visit to Pike. We watched TV, played WoW and ate together (my treat).
I also played Smack Down. In a 1vs1 match against the best character, in the Legendary difficulty, with my own custom character, Vegeta. It was an intense fight, and you couldn't tell who was winning, but in the end I made it! xD
After that we watched Scooby Doo and then I departed for home, to have a shower and relax.
Vector Sigma, I love Saturday!
Oh and I love the classic Batman's music theme. It's dark, sad, mysterious and scary at the same time. Just like Batman!


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