Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Digging out the Past

Today I had a look in my closet, to pick a nice black T-Shirt, and I got startled when I found out the memorial one, I got the last days at High School. Brings good memories in mind. All of the Squad have been at the same school, though not at the same class. Legolas is my favorite LOTR character, and I've filled the school surfaces with his name. The Undertaker is one of my favorite Smack Down Superstars, a game we used to play in the Extreme Games Net-Cafe. Good times...
In other news, I was too bored to attend class today, considering the fact I'm waking up at 600 tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow as well. Boring as hell. But a man gotta do... what a man gotta do. I also gotta take a "special" picture, for a "special" friend. (The word "special" doesn't mean "retarted" on this sentense).

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