Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ghosts from the Past

I thought I had totally forgotten her. It was like she never existed. But that was only 'til I accidentally found a picture of her. Then, for a reason I can't quite understand, I felt like watching a video about Squall and Rinoa. It had nothing to do with her, I wasn't even thinking of her, it was just me and the video. The video was a tribute to Squall and Rinoa, nothing special. The music on the background was the song "Eyes on Me". I used to listen to that song with her, while we were sitting together on her balcony, watching the summer sky, eating ice-cream. Now I kinda find it boring.
Anyway, I was laying back, relaxed, while watcing. Then it happened. Rinoa hugged Squall so tight, that I closed my mouth with my hand and before even realising it, two tears were moving across my cheeks and over my hand... I haven't shed tears for more than a year... And it had nothing to do with her, I wasn't even thinking of her while watching. What's wrong with me?
Well, right now I feel great, just like before seeing that picture of her. She is just a memory now to me, a ghost who might try to haunt me again. But next time, I will be prepared. For how can I fear ghosts, when I am the night?

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