Thursday, February 4, 2010


Today some pals and I celebrated carnival alongside thousands of people on the great Aristotle's square of Thessaloniki. I got dressed as a mix of Batman-Samurai-Drakula-whatever-thing. I don't have a picture to show, but try to imagine: Black clothes, Batman symbol on my chest, a black Drakula cape on my back and a utility belt with foam-spray bottles and a Katana.
My cape was the best defence I had against enemy sprays, but eventually a kid (dressed as Superman) pulled it away because he couldn't get a clear shot at me with his spray. After that I spent most of my time indoors, on a nearby cinema, with a VERY beautiful girl (a colleague of mine). I can't reveal her name but she comes from Poland and she was dressed as an Indian goddess. Very beautiful girl. I got some pictures of her, but I didn't ask her if she'd like me to post them here. Well she asked me to post them on facebook, but blogging is a different story, so I won't take that risk.
We spoke about old love stories. And we are both singles now, you know but... I just don't feel like flirting. At all. I'm a lone-ranger, ye know...
Whatever, it was a funny day, filled with foam and music and laughter, and that's what matters.

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