Monday, February 1, 2010


Last Weekend was pretty good. One of the things worth-mentioning is that HUGE full-moon we had last night. I mean really huge! I don't remember having seen it like that before... Unfortunately I didn't took any good pictures, my phone's camera's good... but not that good.
Another remarkable thing was playing LAN "Medal of Honor" with my pals. Vaggos, Mime, Pike, Mits, Tasos and Mois. I swear, it was the funniest hour of the whole weekend! We did SO much crazy stuff, that we couldn't stop laughing. Seriously!  Saturday was kinda weird, but in the end I went for beer and darts with Gkavos, Vaggos Lakis and Tasos, and later we had a "Mythology" match with Mits. I didn't see Pike Mois and Mime, they were on a "secret" mission. ;)
I also saw Mime's new puppy! What a lovely dog! Really adorable.
And last, but not least, I saw an old friend of ours! Paralis (or Charlie). I met that guy about 5 years ago, at third grade of High School. He is the best artist I ever met, and now he's gone even better! We haven't seen him for years, but now I got his number. You know, I really appreciate those young people who come here from other countries (Charlie came from Germany) and they go to Greek school, fighting harder than anyone else to learn the language, and then they try to do something good, to succeed here. Charlie tried 2-3 times to join a School of Arts, but he wasn't accepted. He even applied to Marvel and DC, but they told him he should learn better English (they did like his art, though). I'm glad to know he is ok and he is trying for a better life. He lost his friends on the goat-village where he lives because they told him to stop studying and drawing and work with the goats. I tell you what, that boy didn't come here from Germany to become a goat-boy! You know... I somehow like people from other countries/cities more than the villagers I grew up with. Most of my friends come from a different country, or another town (Pike and Mois are obvious exceptions). Mime, Asami, Charlie, Steel, Vaggos... they come from another place, and they rock!
Oh, that Exodia was drawn by Charlie within 10-15 seconds, I still got it, after 5 years. Means a lot to me. It's the only thing I have to remember him, but now I got his number too. We are not gonna "lose" him again.
Oh, and by the way, after coming to Greece he got the same name I have! :)

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