Friday, February 12, 2010

God save the books

This day was very tiresome, but not without some fun. I slept at 930 and at approximately 1130 my bell rang. It was a colleague of mine, she came for a book I promised her. After that, and since I was already awake, we went down-town with some coffee (I had chocolate) with some other pals. The only boy in there was I, so I got really very bored. They were talking for girls' stuff only.
Later, after kindly taking my leave, I went to a bookstore. Got many amazing mangas, comics and loads of good books.
I bought me an anniversary Asterix comic issue and two fantasy novels.
at checkout the salesman put the stuff into a plastic red bag, with the words "GOD SAVE THE BOOKS" written on.
Well then I begun having thoughts about the greatness of books, and the way a book can affect mankind and history itself. Books mostly have a good influence, and make us better people. Reading a book not only gives you knowledge and information, but it can also entertain you, or give you stuff and ideas to think about. Books are also legacy, passing through generations. And of course a well written book is always a good subject to discuss about. I could imagine a world without TV (I barely watch, anyway) but never a world without books. Or comics, or manga, or... whatever.

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